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Simplex is a provider of leading edge capital market solutions for more than 15 years. This has involved the development of many large scale, mission critical systems in partnership with major brokerage firms.

Key Strengths

  1. Multi Asset, Vast Functionality Coverage on Single Platform
  2. Provision of Cutting Edge Solutions
  3. Provision of Services that Support Sustained Growth

Multi Asset, Vast Functionality Coverage on Single Platform

The capital market area has developed in parallel with the ever so increased transaction volumes and an endless stream of increasingly sophisticated products. Simplex provides powerful front office solutions to leverage profitably from such trends and risk management solutions that allow for overall monitoring from various perspectives.

Main Solutions

  • Direct Channel
  • CRM
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Sales Channel
  • Equities
  • Capital/FX
  • Multi Asset Trading Platform
  • Back Office Processing
Main Solutions

Provision of Cutting Edge Solutions

Over the last 15 years since the company's inception, Simplex has accumulated vast experience and knowledge in capital market solutions. This has enabled the firm to provide best of breed solutions.

Most Sophisticated Trading/Dealing Application

Trading/dealing applications are key strength of Simplex. Accumulated knowledge of trader/dealer functions has been integrated into the sophisticated application design.

Support Profit Generation in Front Office Arena

Provide high value-added solutions for new frontiers that will be the source of profit such as client sales and market connectivity.

Advanced Solutions Based on Comprehensive Technologies

Our comprehensive advanced technical capabilities are in applications, middleware, and infrastructure such as hardware or data center facilities. Solutions to latency competition or adapting to growing risk calculation volume are our key strengths.

Flexible Platforms

Risk calculation libraries and algorithm trading engines developed by customers or third parties are easily integrated into Simplex Library solutions.

Provision of Services that Support Sustained Growth

Simplex provides services from consulting to system development, operation, and maintenance. Professionals with abundant knowledge in operation and maintenance provide services 24/7 to support the system's stable operation, thus reducing the client's maintenance burden.

Significant Track Record in the Deployment of Large Scale Projects

Projects are managed by consultants with domain expertise in designing wholesale systems. Projects are implemented smoothly in accordance with the best practices, methodologies and relevant tools. Simplex has the knowledge and expertise managing all key stakeholders.

Support Flexible Implementation at Overseas Offices

When the demand for support to install and operate systems in overseas offices increases, financial institutions are accelerating their global development. Simplex has engaged on a number of projects to support the global offices of mega-banks and securities companies and provides global support to the clients' business.

Relevant Products and Services

Real Time Multi Asset Capital Market Solution

Capital market solution that covers a variety of market trading operations ranging from trading to risk management. SimplexPRISM supports over 200 types of products as well as advanced risk management functions such as PFE/CVA. The solution enhances the overall success of a client's business due to its ability to deal with multiple entity situations for global deployment.

Track Record: Megabank

  • SimplexPRISM deployed as the mainstream system to multiple overseas offices for plain products such as FX and money market.
  • Integrated the pricing library developed by the bank's internal group.
  • Connected to more than 20 external systems in the headquarters.

Track Record: Major Trust Bank

  • Deployed an integrated management system for derivatives.
  • For OIS curve and tenor spreads, Designed curves using rates and volatility observed in the market without relying on the SABR model.
  • GPUs were deployed on the distributed computing platform along with CPUs, and achieved calculation speed which is 30 times faster than the previous system.

Ultra Low Latency Equities Solution with Comprehensive Sell-side Functionality


Ultra-low latency equities solution for sell-side operations that support brokerage transactions. SimplexBLAST allows institutional investors to trade using efficient trading system that includes the ability to carry out high frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic trading. Other technology is provided for the best execution by using hardware features that provides the fastest speeds in the world (measured in microseconds). In addition, crossing engine, DMA gateway, Algo's, smart order routing and other functionality can be optionally installed.

Track Record: Major Securities Company

  • SimplexBLAST was deployed to significantly improve the functionality of the equities trading system because it has the fastest execution speed in the industry for various orders such as Nikkei 225 basket transactions.
  • Whilst reporting the profits and holdings in real time, the system can check the loss-cut, funding allocation and holdings to ensure that sales do not exceed holdings and automatically change credit sell orders. The system can also manage basket transactions.

Fixed Income Trading Solution


Fixed income trading solution that centrally manages both transactions in the secondary market and over-the-counter (OTC) transactions for variety of products such as government bonds, FX, swaps, interest rate futures, and options. SimplexSTREAM is compliant to market regulations. In addition, it can be fully customized to fit to market or user specific business requirements.

Track Record: Major Securities Company

  • Deployed to integrate various systems to allow BPR of the fixed income division for the supply of primary and secondary market fixed income liquidity, quotes to investors, and funding through repos/bills that have been separated within the division.
  • Improved the efficiencies of the flow of notices to clients between head office and branches through the structured fixed income settlement management system.
  • Addressed I/F connectivity with existing back office system for issues, client information, contract information, and position information.

Track Record: Major Securities Company

  • Deployed SimplexSTREAM to resolve issues such as the increased investment cost of multiple systems for commodity futures, bond futures, interest rate futures, and the increased operational risk of complex operational flows in each system.
  • Fully satisfied individual requirements such as the I/F connectivity with the securities company's unique order management system, the calculation of futures margins, and accounting procedures.
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