Retail Securities

Embracing technology is an effective approach for rapidly resurrecting business in an industry plagued by rapid change. Simplex provides retail securities solutions for a variety of products from equities to FX and cryptocurrency on a "pay per success" basis.

Key Strengths

  1. Broad Coverage of Products from equities to FX
  2. Maximized Client Satisfaction Through Multiple Trading Environments
  3. Provision of Niche Solutions that Support Sustained Growth

Broad Coverage of Products from Equities to FX and cryptocurrency.

The retail market requires the handling of a diverse range of products and strong cross selling. Simplex provides retail solutions that cover all products from equities to FX and cryptocurrency.

Main Solutions

  • Retail Channel
  • FX Trading Solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Solutions
  • Binary Option Trading Solutions
  • Equity/Futures Option Trading Solutions
  • CFD Trading Solutions
  • Liquidity Supply Solutions
  • Robo Advisor Solutions
Main solutions

Maximized Client Satisfaction Through Multiple Trading Environments

The user experience (UX) is designed to accommodate the trading experience of individual investors by utilizing various devices such as smartphones and tablets. By providing multiple trading environments, Simplex can provide increased trading opportunities, resulting in greater revenue potential for clients.

Web Based Trading Tools

Utilizing the latest web technologies such as HTML5, Simplex FX is independent of the OS or device and runs on PC, compatible tablets and smartphones. Thus, as the retail investor's trading venue diversifies, so Simplex's device coverage expands with greater speed.

PC Native Trading Tools

Simplex's installable desktop application provides a wealth of functionality and speed best suited for advanced FX traders who trade frequently. The native application provides order execution speed, stability, and analytical charts that are unable to be reproduced in a web browser.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Simplex's native apps provide a intuitive user friendly interface for the mobile user. Since its release in 2009, Simplex's iPhone app has maintained a top position in the iTunes App store finance category, and highly regarded by investors.

Provision of Niche Solutions that Support Sustained Growth

Our independent approach to providing both an "On Premise" service at the client's datacentre's and a cloud-based "On Demand" service ensures consistency for all applications. Our 24 hours, 365-days-a-year support team aids clients from unexpected system trouble and provides emergency response.

Pay Per Success Model

Basic plan for monthly payments is "pay-per-success". Simplex contributes to reducing costs and maximizing profits of FX operators by arranging fees specific to each customers by number of users, trading volume or profit.

Customizable Solutions

Simplex provides two types of solutions: "on premise" service at the client's datacenters or cloud-based" on demand" service. Both provide customers high reliability and high performance application platform.

System Maintenance/Operation/Audit

Simplex system maintenance and operation services are provided 24/7 not only for occured trouble but taking preventive measures. For auditing, Simplex has a solid track record in system audits from financial institutions for managing various documents to keeping necessary records.

Relevant Products and Services

Unrivaled High-speed and Cutting-edge Dealing Engine:FX Platform that Maximizes Revenue

Ultra high-speed FX platform with a cutting-edge dealing engine that can maximize profitability. Algorithm engine is the key to maximizing profits, incorporates the practical knowledge accumulated from the deployment of FX solution projects at more than 20 Japanese companies. Simplex can design unique algorithms for each FX company such as the creation of customer rates, cover model, execution logic, and cover logic.

Equity/Futures Options Trading Solution that Pursues Real Time Functionality and Customization


SPRINT is an equity/futures options trading solution that enhances user experience by implementing real time functionality. As a Rich-client tool that caters to the needs of active individual investors, it provides real time mark-to-market display, superior board-based ordering functions, and sophisticated charts. Simplex have integrated multiple back office systems and provided the system for PCs as well as for smartphone apps.

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    Binary Options Trading System with Comprehensive User Interface

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