In the insurance industry, new product development and strengthening of compliance/risk control is required to cope with market contraction and increased diversity of insurance products. Simplex supports marketing strategies of insurance companies from sales support to contract management.

Key Strengths

  1. Responsiveness of New Products by Superior Maintenability
  2. Strengthen Access Channels, both Face to Face and Remote
  3. High Level Quality and Compliance Control

Responsiveness of New Products by Superior Maintenability

Speed of releasing new insurance products to the market is becoming an important factor to differenciate from competitors. Simplex provides insurance solutions with high maintainability to support the demand.

High Maintenability

It is possible to add new products by configuring product definition or trading rules with templates. With high maintainability, it is possible to quickly cope with business environment changes.

Flexible Framework

The solution is equipped with various external interfaces such as agent systems. Also, by using the framework which does not require changes to the legacy system, it is possible to reduce system development cost.

Strengthen Access Channels, both Face to Face and Remote

By strengthening various access channels from face to face sales including agents to remote sales with phone or internet, it is possible to increase sales efficiency, reduce operation cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

Automate Business Processes

As there is a growing demand to strengthen sales to customers, increase in operation of sales staff or concentration of knowlege to individuals are becoming an issue. This demand increases the need to implement systems that can comprehensively support contract evaluation to periodic following up after sales. Simplex can reduce operating costs and improve total sales efficiency for insurance companies by automating a series of operating processes and enabling paperless operations for design, applications, and new contracts.

Increase Multiplicity of Access Channels

Rapid increase of device coverage is becoming increasingly important as the customers' internet environment diversify. By using HTML5 which is gaining attention as the next generation web platform, it is possible to support not only PCs but tablets or smartphones, which increases customer satisfaction.

Implement Strategic Call Centers

Call centers are increasingly becoming the focus of remote sales channels. It is key to determine methods for increasing customer satisfaction through the addition of more sophisticated analysis, not only through the simple processing of various inquiries. By implementing CRM solution provided by Simplex's group company, Virtualex Consulting, which has vast experience in CRM, supports marketing strategies per customer attributes.

High Level Quality and Compliance Control

In order to implement best and high quality systems, Simplex undertakes everything from consulting to system maintenance and operation together with the customer. Simplex provides services with high quality and reliability.

Flawless Security Measures

Systems are designed and developed based on the guidelines provided by the Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA). In addition, systems receive third party security checks to increase reliability.

Sophisticated Risk Management

By making the hardware redundant, service outage, performance downgrade or quality reduction is prevented by failures. Risk management to availability and reliability required by financial institutions are realized.

System Maintenance/Operation/Audit

Simplex system maintenance and operation services are provided 24/7 not only for occured trouble but taking preventive measures. For auditing, Simplex has a solid track record in system audits from financial institutions for managing various documents to keeping necessary records.

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