Recently, the business climate for FX operators is becoming increasingly harsh, with constant low spreads and rising costs of account acquisitions. By providing a cutting-edge trading engine and refined user interface, Simplex FX solution helps attain maximum trade volume and revenue.

Key Strengths

  1. Support Maximizing Dealing Revenue
  2. Improve Client Satisfaction through Multiple Trading Environments
  3. Provision of Solutions that Support Sustained Growth

Support Maximizing Dealing Revenue

Cutting edge algorithm trading platform along with Smart Order Routing (SOR) trading engine accelerates revenue and profits while providing functionality for secure trade executions.

Algorithm Engine to Increase Profit

SimplexFX provides functionality to maximize revenue and profit, such as strategic pricing, optimal position taking, and precise execution timing. The engine also facilitates flexible changes to algorithms specific to customers' requirements.

Optimized Cover Order Execution: SOR (Smart Order Routing)

SOR instantly determines the optimal condition for executing a cover order based on multiband rate feeds from multiple counterparties. Cover orders are automatically split into optimal slices to achieve maximum profit.

Sophisticated Dealing Environment

The sophisticated dealing application is designed with the dealers' workflow in mind, featuring advanced dealing functions, easy to use interface, and all the information presented to enable quick execution decisions. The dealing environment provides real time position monitoring from multiple angles such as "rate fluctuation" and "liquidity", while allowing dealers to accurately assess market risk, including realized and unrealized P/L.

Ultra Low Latency Platform

The dealing system achieves unprecedented speeds by integrating Simplex's proprietary high-speed financial trading platform, "Galaxy." Achieving a cover execution latency of less than 1 ms, Simplex FX can handle high frequency rate feeds from counterparties and decrease cover order rejection, ensuring that trades occur exactly as intended.

Dealing Consulting

Simplex's best in industry financial experts and experienced consultants provide ongoing reviews for improvement based on catual dealing data to maximize profits.

Dealing Consulting

Improve Client Satisfaction through Multiple Trading Environments

Provides user experience (UX) that is designed to accommodate various levels of trading experience of individual investors and supports multiple channels to trade such as smartphones and tablets. It is possible to increase trading opportunities for many customers.

Web Based Trading Tool

Utilizing the latest web technologies such as HTML5, SimplexFX is independent of the operating system or device such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. As the retail investors' trading environment diversifies, it is possible to provide vast coverage of available devices with speed.

PC Native Trading Tool

Simplex's install type desktop application provides a wealth of functionality and speed best suited for advanced FX traders who trade frequently. The native application provides order execution speed, stability, and analytical charts that are not possible in web browsers.

Smartphone and Tablet App

Simplex's native apps provide intuitive user interface for the mobile users. Since its release in 2009, Simplex's iPhone app has maintained top position in the iTunes App Store finance category and highly regarded by investors.

Provision of Solutions that Support Sustained Growth

Simplex's approach to provide both "on premise" service and cloud based "on demand" service ensures consistency for all applications. Our 24/7 support team reduces customers' system operation burden.

Pay Per Success Model

Basic plan for monthly payments is "pay-per-success". Simplex contributes to reducing costs and maximizing profits of FX operators by arranging fees specific to each customers by number of users, trading volume or profit.

Customizable Solutions

Simplex provides two types of solutions: "on premise" service at the client's datacenters or cloud-based" on demand" service. Both provide customers high reliability and high performance application platform.

System Maintenance/Operation/Audit

Simplex system maintenance and operation services are provided 24/7 not only for occured trouble but taking preventive measures. For auditing, Simplex has a solid track record in system audits from financial institutions for managing various documents to keeping necessary records.

New Products such as Cryptocurrency

Releasing new products such as Cryptocurrency and CFD presents opportunities to generate a new source of revenue. Simplex helps FX operators increase opportunities by releasing new solutions to support new products in time

Relevant Products and Services

Unrivaled High-speed and Cutting-edge Dealing Engine:FX Platform that Maximizes Revenue

Ultra high-speed FX platform with a cutting-edge dealing engine that can maximize profitability. The algorithm engine, ability to maximizing profits, combining the practical knowledge accumulated from the deployment of FX solution projects at more than 20 Japanese companies has led to a solid platform. It is also possible to design unique algorithms for each FX company such as the creation of customer rates, cover model, execution and cover logic.

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