Asset Management

Operating processes require radical reform because of the varied and complex issues of asset management operations. Simplex provides a comprehensive asset management solution that achieves more than mere resolution of individual issues by dealing with multiple assets and enhancing the compliance function.

Key Strengths

  1. Wealth of Trading Functions for Best Execution Practices
  2. Ability to Deal with a Broad Range of Products and Operations Using Single Platform
  3. Comprehensive Support by Our Expert Financial Experts

Wealth of Trading Functions for Best Execution Practices

Complex trading flows are reviewed to boost the efficiencies and accuracy of core operations to achieve the best execution in trading operations. Simplex provides solutions for a variety of trading methods such as DMA, DSA, and internal crossing. In addition, our automate fixed form operations such as the collation of batch orders and broker contracts and the assisting of deploying accurate and timely trading operations.

Main Trading Function Menu

  • Arbitrage
  • DSA(Direct Strategy Access)
  • Internal Cross
  • DMA(Direct Market Access)
  • Buy-side Algorithm
Asset Management Company

Ability to Deal with a Broad Range of Products and Operations Using Single Platform

Simplex reduces IT costs by integrating the multiple systems for each product and operating process. Thus increasing operational efficiencies and maximize fund performance by dealing with multiple assets and enhancing the compliance function.

Multiple Assets

Manage multiple assets through a single platform and deal with new operational needs by managing unified investment in domestic and foreign assets and integrating multiple products. Overall information can be assessed through single platform with the focus on real time information.

Seamless Workflow

Workflow links the front, middle, and back offices on a single platform, reduces users' operational burden previously required for double entry into multiple systems, and lowers operational risk. This workflow reduces maintenance otherwise required for multiple systems and provides stable operations.

Compliance Functions

Our accumulated knowledge acquired through actual results has produced a design that meets detailed compliance rules because of our deep understanding of the regulations, laws and ordinances of the financial authorities as they relate to asset management. This expertise strongly supports operations pertaining to compliance requirements on the buy side.

Real Time Updating of Positions and Cash

Position information and cash holdings, are important when creating draft orders and executing transactions which are updated in real time. This timing enables the creation of appropriate draft orders based on current balances while eliminating surplus cash. Real time updating also allows clients organization divisions to concentrate on their operations without having to independently obtain the latest information.

Comprehensive Support by Our Expert Financial Experts

Simplex can manage everything from consulting to system development, operation, and maintenance in-house. Experts with considerable knowledge in operation and maintenance work 24 hours, 365 days a year to support the system's stable operation, thus reducing the client's maintenance burden.

Track Record on Installation of Numerous Large-scale Projects

Our experts have considerable experience in buy-side operational process and system design, and responsible for the projects. They facilitate projects through actively promoted and issue-based management methodologies and tools. Also very knowledgeable about the effective management of many stakeholders.

Flexible Installation Support for Overseas Offices

There is growing demand for installation and operating support for systems in overseas offices in line with the increased proportion of investment in overseas assets. Simplex has an significant track record in supporting the worldwide offices of megabanks and securities companies, and provides global support to our clients' businesses.

Flexible Installation Services

Once the system is activated billing is charged for usage fees, with systems provided in a software as a service model. Systems can be installed quickly while keeping the initial investment low. In addition,Simplex takes a flexible approach, with customization to accommodate function changes in the business environment, such as an increase in funds under management and increase in the range of investment products.

Relevant Products and Services

Buy-side Solutions for Multiple Assets


Supports multitude of trading methods such as DMA, DSA, and internal crossing in order to achieve the best execution. One of the many significant feature is the ability to deal with a broad range of products and operations on a single platform. The system is also fully enhanced with compliance checking functions that adhere to Japanese legislation and market regulations. This helps boost the operating efficiency and accuracy for asset management companies while reducing their overall IT costs.

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