In order to fully commit to maximizing profitability of financial institutions, Simplex offers full service from consulting, system development, system operation and maintenance, quants support, to quality management.


Supporting Full System Life Cycle

Supporting Full System Life Cycle

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  • Consulting

    Business and IT Consulting to Envision the Future

    The purpose of IT investment is shifting from increasing operational efficiency or cutting costs to realizing management goals and maximizing profits. Since foundation, Simplex has been providing original solutions in financial front office area for this purpose. Simplex has in depth knowledge of financial operations and cutting edge technologies that are unknown to general consulting companies and system vendors. This allows Simplex to be "one stop shop" from planning business strategies to designing systems.

  • Quants

    Quants Team with the Latest Financial Engineering Skills

    Simplex provides quants services by the world's leading quants research team. While developing pricing models that takes in the latest financial engineering trends, Simplex develops practical systems by tuning them. Simplex is able to provide system solutions that enables outstanding results in financial operations.

  • System

    Highly Value Added Services with Accumulated Knowlege

    It is effective to take an approach to combine existing components (system parts) when scratch development does not meet the business startup timeline or package software implementation does not meet the latest business requirements. Simplex builds flexible and high quality systems with existing internally developed components to meet business requirements in a short time frame.

  • SaaS/ASP

    Reduce the IT Investment Risk with Success Fee Arrangements

    An effective way start a business quickly is to utilize services that have a good track record. Simplex provides various proven services in success fee structure. Simplex has the flexibility to customize or enhance the system to increase competitiveness of our customers.

  • System Operation
    and Maintenance

    Services Provided by Specialists Knowleged in Financial Operations

    There are often cases when the service level goes down after cutting costs by assigning unknowleged engineers to maintain the system. Simplex believes that it is crucial for staffs with appropriate knowlege to maintain systems after production. By taking responsiblity in all phases of system life cycle, it is possible to provide high quality services from end user support to system operation.

  • Quality

    Specialist Team to Assist Improvement of System Quality

    Simplex established a specialized group of quality management in order to cope with the increased importance of system quality. The group maintains and improves system quality in both organization and processes by standardizing system development and operation process, auditing systems, and tracking production failures. The group has vast experience in system audit from customers including banks with high standards in IT governance.

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