Basic Policies for Information Security

Simplex Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) is developing system and service businesses in the area of financial institution front-office operations (profit-earning operations) and views the proper management and maintenance of the security of information assets related to the provision of systems and services to customers, and all other information assets The Company handles, as a critical and ongoing responsibility in the pursuit of our business activities.

The Company, therefore, protects information assets and has formulated its Information Security Policies for managing and overseeing information security. The Company executives and employees uphold these policies as they work to build and maintain robust information security systems in which customers can place their faith.

1. Purpose

The purpose of our Information Security Policies is to assemble human, organizational, and technical measures for reliably protecting the confidentiality, completeness, and availability of information assets against threats (unauthorized access, leaks, alteration, loss, destruction, denial of use, etc.) and ensure that information assets are safely and appropriately managed and applied.

2. Scope

The Information Security Policies cover information assets related to systems and services the Company provides to customers, and information assets owned by the Company, and apply to all executives and employees handling information and information systems.

3. System

The Company will establish an information security management system for implementing appropriate risk management measures, and will formulate, implement, audit, and continuously improve information security policies.

4. Legal, Regulatory, and Contractual Compliance

The Company will comply with all information security laws, regulatory guidelines, and contractual terms related to information security.

5. Education and Training

The Company will regularly conduct information security education and training activities for all executives and employees in an effort to emphasize the proper handling of information assets.

6. Business Continuity

The Company will formulate a business continuity plan and measures aimed at enabling the rapid recovery of business activities from setbacks and natural disasters to ensure there are no long-term interruptions in business activities, including services provided to customers.

7. Continuous Improvement

The Company will continuously improve its information security by regularly evaluating and re-examining its information security policies and related regulations and management systems.

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