Simplex Inc. and Tradency Inc. form a global cooperation

Mar 27, 2014 Announcements

Tradency, the world leader of system trading and Simplex, the leading provider of Forex systems in Japan, are presenting brokers with a premium Mirror Trading solution.

March 27, 2014 - Simplex Inc. Provider of computer systems used by financial institutions for their profit‐earning operations and Tradency Inc. a global technology company focusing on product development and advanced services to financial institutions, are forming a new cooperation.

This cooperation provides a joint solution compiled of Tradency's system trading solution "Mirror Trader" and Simplex's Forex trading platform "Simplex FX", designed for top tier brokers and financial institutions in Japan and worldwide.

The cooperation process is already in motion, the robust integration of the two systems is currently in advanced stages of construction and the joint solution is offered to potential client of both companies. With Simplex prominent reputation in the Japanese market, the newly found cooperation with Tradency, had won the interest of many major top tier brokers.

Simplex products and services have been adopted by Japan's megabanks, leading full‐service securities firms, and top Internet brokerages. Lior Nabat, Tradency CEO expounds: "Our cooperation provides the Japanese brokers with the high‐end level of support and service they are accustomed to from topnotch providers such as Simplex. We take great pride in their decision to cooperate with us. It proves once again, as we have seen during the last year that leading technology providers are integrating with Mirror Trader as their system trading solution of choice."

Tradency's Mirror Trader have been adopted by top tier brokers and financial institutions in Japan and worldwide. Hideki Kaneko, Simplex CEO expounds: "We expect that Mirror Trader will serve as a gateway to expand Simplex's Japanese standard business offering to worldwide brokers. We aim to build a non‐exclusive partnership with global companies that focusing on product development and advanced services to financial institutions."

About Tradency:

Tradency Inc. is the developer and originator of Mirror Trading technology, which enables FOREX traders to use the knowledge of experienced traders in real time for their own trading techniques. Tradency's Mirror Trading Platform offers traders a flexible choice of combining its groundbreaking approach with traditional online trading methods. Since its inception in 2005, Tradency has pioneered this new method, creating a new category of platform trading. Tradency continues to innovate its services, reinforcing its reputation as the creator of cutting‐edge industry practice.

About Simplex Inc.:

Simplex Inc. is the provider of Forex trading platform with a cutting edge dealing engine that can maximize profitability. The algorithm engine, the key to maximizing profits, incorporates the practical knowledge accumulated from the installation of Forex solution projects at more than 20 Japanese companies. Approximately 30% of the total volume of Forex transactions within Japan are traded using Simplex's sophisticated Forex solution.* Simplex was ranked in the top 100 by FinTech as one of the global financial technology vendors. In addition, awarded "Best Retail Technology Provider" at the Forex Magnates Japan Awards.

*Based on data disclosed by the Financial Futures Association of Japan.

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