About the MBO

Due to the completion of the MBO, the ordinary shares of Simplex Holdings, Inc. (the predecessor to Simplex Inc.) were delisted from the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 15, 2013. As a result of the delisting, the ordinary shares of the company can no longer be traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Please refer to the MBO related materials for additional details. Furthermore, even after the delisting, Simplex will use the corporate site mainly to disclose information. Please refer to the Company Information for further details.

MBO Related Materials

Disclosure Policy

Our company policy is to continue disclosure of information to the public. For the latest company information such as results or financial information, please refer to the below contents.

Message from the CEO

A message from President Kaneko.

Company Outline

Simplex Company information: locations, corporate directory, corporate history.

Business Policies

Simplex's management policy: priorities and disclosure.

Results/Financial Information

Simplex's results: most recent consolidated management indicators, past earnings announcements, and etc.


Simplex's news: products and services, company information, media articles, announcements, and etc.

Why Simplex?

Reasons why Simplex is chosen by numerous financial institutions.

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