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  • SimplexPRISM

    Capital Market Solution SimplexPRISM

    Capital market solution that covers a variety of market trading operations ranging from trading to risk management. SimplexPRISM supports over 200 types of products as well as advanced risk management functions such as PFE/CVA. The solution enhances the overall success of a client's business due to its ability to deal with multiple entity situations for global deployment.

  • SimplexBLAST

    Equities Solution SimplexBLAST

    Ultra-low latency equities solution for sell-side operations that support brokerage transactions. SimplexBLAST allows institutional investors to trade using efficient trading system that includes the ability to carry out high frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic trading. Other technology is provided for the best execution by using hardware features that provides the fastest speeds in the world (measured in microseconds). In addition, crossing engine, DMA gateway, Algo's, smart order routing and other functionality can be optionally installed.

  • implexSTREAM

    Fixed Income Solution SimplexSTREAM

    Fixed income trading solution that centrally manages both transactions in the secondary market and over-the-counter (OTC) transactions for variety of products such as government bonds, FX, swaps, interest rate futures, and options. SimplexSTREAM is compliant to market regulations. In addition, it can be fully customized to fit to market or user specific business requirements.

  • SimplexFX

    FX Solution SimplexFX

    Ultra-low latency FX platform with a cutting edge dealing engine that can maximize profitability. The algorithm engine, the key to maximizing profits, incorporates the practical knowledge accumulated from the installation of FX solution projects at more than 20 Japanese companies. It is also possible to design unique algorithms for each FX company such as creation of customer rates, cover model, execution logic, and cover logic.

  • SimplexBUY-SIDE

    Asset Management Solution SimplexBUY-SIDE

    Supports various trading methods such as DMA, DSA, and internal crossing in order to achieve the best execution. One of the many significant feature is the ability to deal with a broad range of products and operations on a single platform. The system is also fully enhanced with compliance checking functions that comply with market regulations. This helps boost the operating efficiency and accuracy for asset management companies while reducing their overall IT costs.

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