• Shinichi Okabe
    Executive Principal

    Shinichi Okabe

    Approximately 20 years of experience in market related financial systems including his previous position in a bank's system subsidiary company. He is knowledged in financial products and business operations related to fixed income, money markets, interest rate derivatives, and foreign exchange. He is currently responsible for projects for banks leading teams of over 100 engineers working on scratch developments and package installations.

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  • Kozo Sukema
    Senior Managing Director

    Kozo Sukema

    After undertaking strategic consulting at a global consulting firm, he held various positions as head of management and planning at multiple internet related companies. After joining Simplex, he has been responsible for a number of major clients in the retail area, particularly FX, leading initiatives that have resolved client issues and strengthened operational profitability.

  • Masataka Soda
    Senior Managing Director

    Masataka Soda

    Specialist in implementing financial solutions with vast experience in implementing global solutions and offshore engineering from his position at a global consulting firm. After joining Simplex, he has been responsible for the development of a number of new systems and services for securities companies, FX companies, and insurance companies.

  • Kazutoshi Takano

    Kazutoshi Takano

    Overall supervisor and account manager for system operation and maintenance of various FX system projects. He currently leads consulting for FX dealing strategies with SimplexFX. He contributes to improvement of client profits through the provision of various FX dealing solutions.

  • Masaki Tsuchiya

    Masaki Tsuchiya

    Specialist in implementation, system operation and maintenance of systems for the retail sector such as FX, futures, and options. He has more than 10 years of experience in delivering internet trading systems and has deep knowledge in FX solutions. He has been the account manager for numerous projects.

  • Seiji Hattori
    Executive Principal

    Seiji Hattori

    As a specialist in the retail sector and the FX sector, he has implemented and operated systems for more than 20 companies ranging from one of the largest in the industry to new entrants. Before joining Simplex, he has built large-scale mission critical systems for major global IT company. He is currently working on improving profits and business consulting using SimplexFX as the core. He is knowleged in technology as system architect.

  • Taiyo Matsuzaki
    Executive Principal

    Taiyo Matsuzaki

    He has approximately 20 years of experience in market related financial systems for banks such as derivatives, FX, bonds, and risk management. Currently, he is designing and developing solutions based on SimplexPRISM and undertaking business development. He is particularly well regarded in rbusiness and IT consulting and has turned many large-scale projects into reality. He has lead various projects to success as a manager.

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  • Noriyuki Mizutani
    Executive Principal

    Noriyuki Mizutani

    He has lead various enterprise application development from internet trading systems to front dealing systems> He has experienced architecture, framework, and system development process design in number of projects. He is currently working on the research and development of SimplexPRISM to make it a globally competitive product.

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