Business Policies

Priority Areas and Mid Term Goals

Responding to changes and new challenges in the business environment, we aim to go to the next stage of growth by identifying priority areas as below.

a. Growth of Existing Business:

We aim to continually grow by strengthening consulting sales to top tier financial institutions, or expanding system share in the Japanese FX market.

b. Starting New Businesses:

We aim to expand growth by promoting global business or starting financial service which compliments clients' profit expansion.

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Disclosure Policy

We have positioned our corporate website as our main disclosure tool. Our company policy is to continually disclose information on half-yearly results, financial information, our products, and the latest news on our services.

Results/financial information

Simplex's operations results: most recent consolidated management indicators, past earnings announcements, etc.


Simplex's news: products and services, company information, media articles, announcements, etc.

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