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The beginning of a new era. Challenging ourselves to become the "global leader".

Since our establishment in 1997, we have remained true to the idea of "bringing innovation to the world" through our slogan, "Hello world, Hello innovation". We have been endorsed by many clients because of the success of our innovation in areas such as management, business, and technology. Recently, Simplex has entered a new era of "the second foundation period" as a private company beginning with our dramatic breakthrough in 2013 with the MBO and delisting.

Why did we decide to get delisted?

People ask us why we chose to get delisted. There is only one answer. We wish to become the "global leader".

There are risks in aiming to become the "global leader" and thus quick and bold management decisions are required. In addition, there is a need for operational reforms, technological innovations, and organizational restructuring that exceed previous standards. In some cases, this may lead to upfront investment costs. We could not burden our shareholders with such risks and hence decided to take responsibility for all risks by becoming a private company.

Why aim to become the "global leader" at this point in time?

The answer is simple. Because Simplex is already the strongest company of its type in Japan. In the financial business, we have aggressively invested in cutting edge technology and sophisticated financial engineering in order to provide our clients the best of breed solutions. We are not simply a systems company and we also differ from a consulting company. We have enabled innovation that cannot be copied by any other company, a fact proven by our results.

In addition, we are not bound by existing concepts and have achieved a unique position in the financial IT world. We are well aware that clients sometimes think we are "audacious". Even so, we still have the support of many clients. All of this indicates that we are the strongest team in Japan; and this is precisely why our next goal is to become the "global leader". This is the only natural course of progress for our company.

What will the new Simplex aim for and how will this be achieved?

Simplex has long shared the same values along with its employees. Such values are stipulated in our "5 DNAs". However, there is also a sixth "DNA", "Being a Player". When given responsibility for any operation, we are not the "manager" or "supervisor" but the "front line performer". There is no exception regardless of whether one is a project manager or company executive. All members, including myself, will act as "front line performer" to lead our continued overall success. This is because leadership driven by a "front line performer" is the start of innovation.

This is another reason why Simplex has decided to become a private company. Even I and those in the management who were pursuing management jobs, are returning to the front line, the origin of business. This is because the most important aspects of financial business as well as IT and financial engineering are constantly evolving. It is no longer an era in which people who have no sense of what it is like to be on the front line canmake management decisions based on indirect information, especially if they want to become a "global leader". By becoming a private company, we return to the attitude of our founding period, allowing us to reinforce our stance of focusing on being players.

Of course, we do not believe that we can become the "global leader" simply by reinforcing our existing strengths and accelerating the growth in current businesses. More than ever, it is vital that we have specific new plans and new strategies. In this regard, we have steadily made progress in preparing for new services, new businesses, and developing new markets.

One of our many plans is the full-fledged effort to extend our business overseas. To date, Simplex has supported business strategies and branch strategies that are based on the globalization strategies of "Japanese financial institutions". However, we are now making a full shift into a different dimension of globalization. We have built up the capacity to compete at the same level as leading global players while simultaneously creating effective partnerships with such institutions. This has enabled us to realize that there are values that only Simplex can provide to the "financial institutions in the world".

In addition, this does not mean that we are thinking about a new stage just for the foreign markets. We are also preparing to embark on a number of financial services that we have not dealt with so far. Everything is aimed at sharing innovation from Japan with the world in order to create a stronger Japan. This is the reason for the rebirth of Simplex. We may be considered as the most audacious company in Japan, but we have the burning desire to make the most of this second era by showing our ingenuity with everyone ready to sprint as fast as possible as a player.

Finally, we will keep trying until we have achieved our goal of becoming the "global leader." Simplex's mantra of "clients first" has led to client feedback such as "you are awesome". Our goal is to have everyone around the world say that we are "awesome". This is not simply a message of hope and expectations but is a promise and a commitment. We hope that you look for to the new Simplex Inc.

Hideki Kaneko, CEO

Simplex Inc.

Hideki Kaneko, CEO

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