Binary Options Trading System for YJFX

When YJFX implemented its OTC currency binary options service called "Opu Tore!"(translated as "options trading"), it adopted Simplex's cloud service, which caters the needs of individual investors with comprehensive user interface.



Binary options is a type of options trade which makes investment by forecasting one of two payoff alternatives at a set point in time. This financial product have attracted attention from inidividual investors as an alternative investment target and in the recent years, the number of financial institutions providing binary options has increased. This led YJFX to implement a new OTC currency binary options service called "Opu tore!" with Simplex's cloud service.


Comprehensive UI and Trading Environment that Cater to Retail Investors' Needs

This service is built with HTML5, which is attracting significant attention as the next generation standard web platform. Consequently, it provides a user friendly trading environment that allows individual investors to enter transactions not only on personal computers, but through smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, this service realized real time notification of os system events and business notices and distribution of market data such as FX rates and charts. In addition, a standard API allows quick and cost efficient implementation of additional trading channels.

Various Management Functions for Optimal Business Operation

This system includes fast pricing function that calculates complicated options (tick by tick) price and displays various risk indicators real time. In addition, our knowledged consultants provide full support from implementing various management models to compliance.

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Name YJFX, Inc.
Address Midtown Tower 20F, 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
URL http://www.yjfx.jp/
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