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Provision of Nomura Securities' equity trading apps for smartphones (iPhone/Android)

Supply of Nomura Equity Apps that allows equity trading on iPhone/ Android smart phones and tablets through Nomura Net & Call, a non-face-to-face service that facilitates the trading of equities through the Internet or by telephone.

Nomura Securities Nomura Securities


It has become increasingly important to add and enhance channels with the flexibility to handle services not only through PCs and mobile telephones but also through popular devices such as smartphones and tablets. From January 2012 onwards, to address the ever-changing needs of individual investors, Simplex provided Nomura Securities with the equity trading application "Nomura Equity Applications" for iPhone/Android smartphones and tablets.


Stock price alerts that allow for nimble trading and prevent missing out on target stock prices.

A "stock price alert" is displayed on the smartphone screen when the stock price rises above (or drops below) the level registered for the particular issue. Such stock price alerts allow for nimble trading without missing out on a target stock price even when one is busy during the day and unable to check stock prices.

Loaded with functions such as streaming news and stock price charts that enhance usability without the need to even log in.

List of Indices Major domestic and foreign equity indices Displays (16 indices)
List of FX Rates Major currencies Displays (11 currency pairs)
News List Displays news (12 categories) distributed from news partners
Stock Price Search Simple search of domestic stocks. Android version able to handle voice searches
Registered Issues (Maximum 600 issues) Able to register a maximum of 600 issues in 20 groups of 30
Stock Price Chart Loaded with seven technical indicators.

Provision of numerous functions following the opening of an account, such as real time stock price display, and stock board information/speed order functions.

Real Time Updates All information is updated in real time.
Equity Trading (cash/credit) Orders can be placed with just a simple tap. Stop loss orders are possible.
Stock Board/ Speed Order Functions Ability to order while viewing the stock board.
Stock Issue News Displays only news related to a particular issue.
Stock Ranking Information Displays the ranking order for that day, such as the percentage price increase and turnover.
Account Information Displays account information, such as the list of orders and balance.

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