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Retail Equities, Futures, and Options Trading System

Since 2006, Simplex has been providing SPRINT; its internet trading system for retail investors. Net Stock/High Speed is a unified tool with tinformation screen and trading screen and can trade equities, futures and options.

Matsui Securities Matsui Securities


Matsui Securities has been a provider of unprescedented services in the Japanese financial industry such as free-of-charge stock custody, "box rates" (fixed commission per day), open end margin trading, night trading, or single day marging trading (for day trading). Widely popular internet online trading is also no exception. Matsui Securities' basic management policy has been to pioneer innovative services ahead of other companies for the profit of individual investors. Simplex's SPRINT was chosen when Matsui Securities introduced the real time trading tool Net Stock/High Speed in 2006.


Same Functionality and Performance with the System for Professionals

With Net Stock/High Speed's speed order entry screen, it is possible to place orders just by mouse click by pre-setting order conditions. Through this approach, customers can trade as if you are in the dealing room of a securities company. The system also accepts stop loss orders, advance close-out orders, and conditional orders which enables securing profits and cutting losses in day trades.

Real Time Information Gathering, Analysis to Placing Orders

It is possible to inquire latest status of the placed orders real time on the order inquiry screen. On position inquiry screen or margin trade position inquiry screen, it is possible to monitor real timeprofit and loss. Customers and always monitor the latest order status or profit and loss so it is possible to make quick trading decisions.

Various Equities Analysis with Equities Market Watcher

Net Stock/High Speed has rich functionality for analyzing the movement in stock prices. It is possible to use analysis functions such as "sudden stock price swing analysis", which displays symbols which prices moved apart from pre-set thresholds, "market volume increase analysis", which displays symbols which market volume has increased from pre-set thresholds, or "proximity rate analysis", which displays symbols which is close to the pre-set thresholds such as high/low or stop high/low.

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