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GMO CLICK Securities has upgraded to SPRINT; internet trading system by Simplex for individual investors as their service, "Super Hatchu Kun", a highly functional trading tool for equities, futures, and options. This offering includes an numerous functions such as real time analysis and order book mouse click execution.

GMO CLICK Securities GMO CLICK Securities


GMO CLICK Securities is an online securities company an industry leading system development capabilities. To improve client satisfaction and increase market shares, the company was planning to develop highly functional tools that can handle equities, futures, and options. The company decided to develop the new tool based on SPRINT, internet trading tool by Simplex, and started providing the new service as "Super Hatchu Kun" from 2012.


Real Time Analysis of Market Data from Various Perspectives

Not only the tool provides equities price board with multiple order book and market data display, various information such as bid/ask market trend or buy pressure trend that cannot be acquired from regular market data such as last price.

Simple Order Execution by Mouse Click on the Order Book

Orders can be executed by double click if all conditions are pre-set on the order book screen. There's no missing of trading opportunity because orders can be placed quickly when monitoring real time market data.

Catch Trading Signals with Technical Indicators and Drawing Tools

The tool is loaded with total of 30 popular technical indicators, such as simple moving average, exponential moving average, Bollinger bands, Ichimoku clouds, MACD, RSI, slow stochastics, and parabolic SaR. It is easy to switch between different combinations of technical indicators since multiple technical indicators can be saved and switched simultaneously.

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Equity/Futures options trading solution that pursues real time functionality and customization


SPRINT is an equity/futures options trading solution that enhances user experience by implementing real time functionality. As a Rich-Client tool that caters to the needs of active individual investors, it provides real time mark-to-market display, superior board-based ordering functions, and sophisticated charts. Simplex have integrated multiple back office systems and provided the system for PCs as well as for smartphone apps.

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