FX Dealing Engine for Securities Securities has one of the highest market share in the FX industry. Simplex FX, which enables low latency and efficient FX position cover dealing, was chosen from Simplex's vast track record in developing and implementing FX solutions. Securities

Background Securities is an online securities company which ranked second* in the world for FX market share in Q1 2013. The company has been working on improvement of user experience by providing sophisticated trading tools for various mobile devices. The company, with its goal of increasing profits through the FX business, has decided to implement a new dealing engine by adopting Simplex FX.


Consulting for Effective Dealing by Financial Technology Experts

In the midst of fierce competition in the development of dealing algorithm strategies, refinement and further sophistication of algorithms has become key factor to increase profitability. Simplex has a team of top class financial domain experts which works with clients to investigate improvement plans from actual dealing data.

Maximizing Profits through Sophisticated Algorithm Engine

The high performing dealing algorithm engine is equipped with functions such as (1) process pricing based on strategies; (2) take optimal positions; (3) assess appropriate timing for execution; and (4) select optimal execution condition. With the innovative technology and financial engineering which Simplex has accumlated in the past, Simplex helps clients maximize profits.

Enabling execution of the intended dealing strategy through our unique, fast processing technology.

Simplex FX utilizes low latency financial trading platform technology developed by Simplex to achieve high-speed processing. By improving the latency for executing cover orders, it facilitates execution of intended dealing strategies such as processing of frequent transmission of FX rates and decrease of the order reject from counterparties.

* According to Forex Magnates (Survey Report for Q1 2013)

Relevant Products

Unrivaled Low Latency and Cutting Edge Dealing Engine: FX Platform that Maximizes Profit

Ultra-low latency FX platform with a cutting edge dealing engine that can maximize profitability. The algorithm engine, the key to maximizing profits, incorporates the practical knowledge accumulated from the installation of FX solution projects at more than 20 Japanese companies. It is also possible to design unique algorithms for each FX company such as creation of customer rates, cover model, execution logic, and cover logic.

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