Asset Management Company (Name Undisclosed)

Provision of a SaaS Cloud Service for Managing Investment Profit and Loss for an Asset Management Company

Simplex started providing solutions for asset management operations in 2012. A back office SaaS cloud service was released as a new service in 2013. By using this service, it is possible to improve transparency, reliability, and compliance required for an asset management company and achieve efficiency and standardization of daily calculation and reporting operation.

Asset Management Company (Name Undisclosed)


Daily calculation and management of profit and loss from the enormous amount of transaction data is an important operation for asset management companies. The asset management company was facing issues on how to improve the management and efficiency of the daily operations of the fund of funds with large transaction volume.


Calculation of Daily Profit and Loss for Fund of Funds to Reporting

This SaaS cloud service supports the improved efficiency and standardization of an asset management company's overall back-office operations. The asset management company is using this service from the calculation of the daily profit and loss to reporting.

Reduces System Operation Cost and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Risk

This service is a SaaS cloud service that utilizes Windows Azure, a cloud platform provided by Microsoft Japan. Hence, the service was installed without the need for the asset management company to invest in hardware and middleware, which reduced the overall investment in the system and avoided BCP risk.

Endorsement from Microsoft Japan

Microsoft Japan is very pleased that Simplex started providing back office SaaS cloud services for asset management operations. Microsoft believes that this track record will lead to further expansion of cloud usage in the financial institutions. Together with Simplex, Microsoft Japan will provide value that meets clients' expectations.

Masahiro Sato Executive Director
Head of Industry Solutions for Financial Services

Microsoft Japan, Company Limited

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